In a public toilet, if a seat can be left down it will be urinated on

The number 1 customer complaint about public toilets is that someone has urinated on the toilet seat. Men stand and a significant number of ladies’ hover.

Both of these create fouling of the toilet seat which is unpleasant and unhygienic for other users, a costly cleaning issue for the business and source of frequent complaint.

Flip Up Seats solve the root cause of the problem

Flip Up Seats have a spring mechanism so that the toilet seat rests in the upright position. Should someone want to use it they push it down and sit on it, once finished the seat returns to the open position.

Men can still stand and women can still hover, they just won’t foul the seat for others.

Flip Up Seats do not have a lid. In reality, once the first person has lifted the lid, it is rarely if ever put down by subsequent users, it is superfluous in a public toilet setting.

It’s the same issue in public toilets worldwide

It is why the cleaning trolley is always at the toilets at airports, motorway service stations and shopping centres.

Why the WCs during half time at a football match are disgusting and why toilets in pubs, restaurants and coffee shops are regularly reported as dirty. 

And also why festivals are as infamous for their toilets as they are famous for their music.

Single-sex toilets are such as those in trains and coffee shops are seen as notoriously bad.

44 Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Brewers Fayre, Giraffe managers think Flip Up Seats are a great concept

“…even though we check every 15 to 30 minutes, if a customer sees a dirty toilet it is our fault.”

“Your product would be a great help, more hygienic, better for customers, staff and the company image.”

“It is a problem we see all the time and get quite a few complaints about it.”

“Great idea, why has no one thought of it before? Dirty seats are unpleasant for everyone and occur quite often.”

´Yes, please! We hate having to clean up customers pee.´

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