Since 1999 the UK Government has interviewed 50,000 rail passengers per year to benchmark the performance of the rail franchises. 

Their findings show that one of the leading causes of rail passenger dissatisfaction is the cleanliness of the on-train toilets. 

Despite spending billions on new trains this issue has not been addressed.

The root cause of the public toilet cleanliness issue is that someone has urinated on the toilet seat.

Men stand and a significant number of ladies’ hover. Both of these actions create a fouling of the toilet seat which is unpleasant and unhygienic for subsequent users, as well as a costly cleaning issue for the business.


This is the same issue in all public toilet worldwide, not just railways. Our product solves the root cause of this issue. 

It is why the cleaning trolley is always at the toilets at airports, motorway service stations and shopping centres, why the WCs during half time at a football match are disgusting and why toilets in pubs, restaurants and coffee shops are regularly reported as dirty. 

And also why festivals are as infamous for their toilets as they are famous for their music.

In a public toilet, if the seat can be left in the downward position, it will be urinated upon.


Flip Up Seats solve the root cause of the toilet cleanliness  issue.

Flip Up Seats are toilet seats with a spring mechanism, so that the toilet seat rests in the upright position.

Should someone want to use it they push it down and sit on it, once finished the seat automatically returns to the open position.

This makes it virtually impossible for someone to urinate on the toilet seat.

Men can still stand and women can still hover, they just won’t foul the toilet seat for others.

100% of people agree that they would rather use a toilet seat which cannot be urinated on to one which can and may have been urinated upon.

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