The UK Government has interviewed 50,000 rail passengers per year since 1999 to benchmark the performance of the UK rail franchises.

Their findings show that one of the leading causes of rail passenger dissatisfaction is the cleanliness of the on-train toilets. The root cause of this is that someone has urinated on the toilet seat.

Despite spending billions on new trains this issue has not been addressed. They further note that this problem is more important than wifi and at-seat charging.

Flip Up Seats solve the root cause of this issue.

Since Covid, the perception of cleanliness has become more important for rail passengers.

We have worked with all of the major vacuum toilet manufacturers to ensure our seats fit all of their current toilet systems.

Flip Up Seats;

  • Are EN45545 and PRM TSI Compliant
  • Of comparable cost to existing railway approved toilet seats which do not solve the on-train toilet cleanliness issue
  • Reduce the problem of toilet seats coming loose in use
  • Improve rail passenger comfort and hygiene
  • Clear a long standing NPRS issue